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Arbitrator Mark Irvings concluded last year that there was no proof of "a nefarious motive" by the Cubs but did not "reach the broader issue of whether a club can base a roster decision solely on the desire to delay free agency."<br />
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I honestly didn’t even know what to do when I saw that. I was just totally shocked. I’d literally never seen that man cry. Not once. In my entire life. Even when his mom passed away, the saddest moment imaginable, I didn’t see him cry.<a href="">New York Mets face coverings</a><br />
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“I was really happy for him,” Soto said. “I just congrats him and everything. For me right now, I just try to come here to play baseball. I don’t think about any of that. Every time I come to spring [training], my mind is on baseball. I try to get my body in shape, get ready and try to win another champion[ship].”<a href="">Houston Astros face coverings</a><br />
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"I was kind of taken aback at the preparation he has done behind the scenes for me," Giolito said of Grandal in an interview with NBC Sports Chicago. "He’s been looking at a lot of video of my starts. His glove placement, the targets he’s been presenting, really shows the work he’s been putting in. The game-calling, he has it down already. Now it’s just a matter of getting more reps, communicating, and we’re good to go."<br />
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Miguel Castro, who was acquired via trade last year and has a live arm, could be a favorite for one of the remaining spots. And Robert Gsellman could also have a solid shot at one of them.<a href="">Toronto Blue Jays face coverings</a><br />
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Mlb Team Face Masks<br />
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“I feel pretty confident that after the two weeks it will be healed because it already feels quite a bit better than the day it happened. It’s definitely going to heal on its own and I’m confident I’ll be back by opening day.”
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