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Once the regular season begins, Chapman is ready to prove he's the best third baseman in baseball, a position that's stacked with star power. For his power, rocket arm and vacuum of a glove at the hot corner, he certainly can make his case with a strong full season this year.Kansas City Royals face coverings
Mlb Team Face Masks

During that Wild Card Series in Oakland, the White Sox were blown away by Hendriks' performance. Well, Hendriks, too, looked across the field and marveled at just how much talent the opposing bullpen possessed.Oakland Athletics face coverings

“I think overall, I have more body control now. I’m way more coordinated. I used to be a little long and lanky, and I wasn’t sure of where my limbs were at all times. I definitely feel like by shortening up my delivery, I’ve gained more control of where my body should be, and I have awareness of what I’m doing as I move down the mound," he said. "Control, as far as strike-throwing ability, is way, way up. Command still has a little ways to go as far as putting it exactly where I want it. The older I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten more reps under my belt. My control’s pretty good, and playing catch in rehab, I focused a lot on hitting spots. It’s in a pretty good spot.”Texas Rangers face coverings

"Obviously, he's a friend, so we'll be there for him," Voit said. "But we don't condone it. He messed up, and a lot of guys look at him differently now.

Anyone who has followed the shortstop’s career knows he has a fun personality. That was on display down at Mets Spring Training when he decided to show up in a replica jacket straight out of the film Coming to America.


“Mark loves that stuff, I don’t,” Semien laughed after the game. “So I just want to focus on the game -- it’s hard enough for me to focus out there let alone answer questions on an interview, but kudos to Mark for doing that, and he’s a pretty entertaining guy."San Diego Padres face coverings


Well, between the Mets' firing of Jared Porter and the Angels' suspension of pitching coach Mickey Callaway, the mistreatment of women in baseball finally is getting just attention. The minor leagues were completely overhauled, with more than 40 affiliates either cut or moved into development leagues and each organization now having Triple-A, Double-A, high-A and low-A teams. The league said it's trying to deaden the ball -- and nobody can possibly predict the effect (or effectiveness) of that. And the cacophony of labor war drums continues to grow after the union rejected MLB's proposal to move the season back a month. The league said it wanted to allow COVID-19 numbers to drop. The players worried it was a money grab. The league said it would pay full salaries for 162 games. The union said too late, too close to spring training, too bad. And the collective bargaining agreement expires Dec. 1, a day that will cast a shadow over the sport until the ink dries on a new labor deal.
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