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He knows the system. He's young. He's healthy. He's coming off of a year in Miami where he was named a captain. If the Patriots were looking to fill a spot vacated by Andrews, there are plenty of reasons it'd make sense for the Patriots to bring him back.<br />
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The Panthers don’t trust Teddy Bridgewater to be their quarterback of the future. Will they secure his replacement in the 2021 NFL Draft?<br />
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Custom NFL Mugs<br />
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He hit 'em with the high step!@TyrellWilliams_ strikes first in #JAXvsOAK.<a href="">Minnesota Vikings</a><br />
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Plenty of NFL teams ought to be looking to grab quarterbacks in the 2021 draft and while Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields are certainly grabbing most of the attention, Jones will definitely be in the mix to be a top-15 pick. But the comparisons to Burrow are too much.<a href="">New York Giants</a><br />
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The specific pricing as laid out by the SBJ story is where some insiders have a beef, as the current ESPN contract is overvalued at $2 billion per year versus the $1.9 billion ESPN signed off on in September 2011. Naturally, that inflation throws off the overall worth of the new arrangement. That said, no one is arguing with the implication that Disney is not paying anywhere near as high of an increase over its base rate.<a href="">Miami Dolphins</a><br />
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Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo might make the most sense for the Patriots, given their background together (2014-17). But the San Francisco 49ers have no urgency to trade him unless they know they have an upgrade in place.<a href="">Houston Texans</a>
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