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"I know a lot of people are bothered by this [trade], but I'm not the first [big] contract to get moved after a couple of years. It happens a lot in this game."Los Angeles Angels


And after a little more time, after a second look, you thought, “This dude is mighty. He is Herculean.”
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This year’s drama was consolidated into just a few days. On Monday, both MLB and MLBPA released statements announcing they are preparing to play the full 162-game season as originally scheduled and on time.Pittsburgh Pirates

It came as no surprise that the Cubs weren’t going to be big spenders in free agency. That was proven after the team traded ace and 2020 NL Cy Young finalist Yu Darvish to the San Diego Padres with the purpose of get his contract off the books and letting veteran Jon Lester walk to the open market, who went on to sign with the Washington Nationals. Williams gives the Cubs a back of the rotation option for the 2021 season.

But unlike 2019 when Seattle was fully rebuilding, the Mariners believe they'll be closer to ascending this season.


The NL Central is up for the taking, with no team standing out in terms of offseason upgrades. In fact, all four of the Brewers, Cubs, Pirates and Reds appear to be shedding payroll.Arizona Diamondbacks

"Those kids, they're growing up in this job," Ramos said. "They need to learn. Same with me when I grew up. I got a couple of good guys with big names in baseball, and they taught me how to grow up. Now I can do the same to the young guys. It's going to be fun to teach them."Milwaukee Brewers
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